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Programs, Webinars, Presentations

On this page find links to recordings and presentations that can help guide residents, business owners, facility managers and other community stakeholders interested in taking on energy and climate action. 

Energy Ed Programs

The following presentations and discussions have been assembled from a number of sources. Mostly from Pennsylvania groups working in the climate and clean energy space. 

This list tries to be inclusive to the broad topics related to climate and sustainability without being overwhelming. An attempt will be made to highlight the "big hitters" and list all of the topics that are submitted to this site.

How To Speak "Energy"

Do you know the difference between kilo Watt and a kilo Watt hour? What is a REC? What does Peak Demand mean?

Brush up on energy related jargon and how energy is bought and sold in Pennsylvania.

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Conservation and Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Green Buildings, LEED Cert and Codes

Join Dianne Herrin from Practical Energy Solutions as she presents the best practices in designing and improving commercial buildings.

Passive House Design & Rating Systems

Drew McDowel talks about the history of Passive House, the principles of Passive House and why you really want a Passive Solar House design.

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Health Impacts of Air Pollution

Dr Richard Tolin talks about the health impacts of burning fossil fuels in our homes, in our vehicles and power plants upwind from where we live.

Efficiency First!

A How-To Webinar on residential energy efficiency  - hosted by Ready For 100/Chester County and PennEnvironment

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