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Electrify Everything

Electrifying our vehicles, our heating, cooking and water heaters is important because: 1) EVs and heat pumps are more efficient than their fossil fuel burning counterparts, 2) it give us the option of purchasing clean electricity to power them, and 3) pollutants from burning gas and gasoline are eliminated indoors and out will improve our respiratory health.

Vehicles and Charging

There is a lot of momentum around buying and leasing EVs for personal or fleet applications. All types of vehicles are starting to have EV solutions. EV charging networks are expanding. And federal and state incentives exist for vehicle purchases as well as for chargers for personal, business or government use.

Here are some resources to help get you started:

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PlugShare is an online service that maps all of the public charging stations in the US. Just enter your zip code to zoom into your region. (all of the chargers that have been reported to PlugShare).


Over 130 Million people in the US live within 10 miles of an EVGo Fast Charger (any car). And the Tesla Supercharger network is the largest in the US.

EV Incentives

Through the end of 2022, a 26% federal tax credit for a qualifying EV.

Pennsylvania has a $750 rebate on a battery electric vehicle. 

Wall Water Heater


Heat Pumps

Is it time to replace your heating system? There are many options to choose from. Our recommendation is that you consider an electric air source heat pump, or a dual fuel system. A heat pump uses the outside air as a heat source in the winter and a sink in the summer and can be more than 100% efficient . Our analysis shows that with the current prices of gas, oil, and electricity, an air source heat pump is very competitive, AND it gives you the flexibility to purchase electricity from many different sources. This includes renewable wind and solar. 

Learn more about the economics of heat pumps at Carbon Switch.

​Geothermal heat pumps are even more efficient (up to 300% efficient). Although there is a larger up front cost due to the inground drilling, geothermal systems will save money over time. Federal tax credits are set to decline in the next few years.

When your gas-burning hot water heater needs replacing, consider the following renewable options: an electric unit, a passive solar system, a heat pump system, or an electric tankless system. Also, if you’d like to switch to an electric or induction range and oven, there are some good options. 

Look For Rebates

Utilities often provide incentives for Energy Star appliances.

   - PECO Rebates


Landscaping Equipment

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